Dear Professor Bokenkamp,
I am very pleased to inform you that Beijing University is organizing an academicconference entitled Sino-US Conference on Philosophy and Religious Studies on December21-22 in Beijing.
You are cordially invited to participate in this important Chinese academic event to beour guest speaker. You will be welcome to participate fully in the activities of the conference,including workshops, seminars, and other recreational activities. Your round-trip air ticket,accommodation and meal expenses will be subsidized.
We look forward to seeing you in this conference and to having you as a significantpart of this event. If you accept this invitation, please advise us of your date of arrival, sothat we can make necessary arrangements.
Yours sincerely,Li Ming

Dear Sir or Madam,
As a regular passenger of your train, I am severely disappointed to find that the serviceyou have recently provided is far from satisfactory. Therefore, I am writing this letter todraw your attention to the matter in the hope that the present situation can be improved.
As we all know, punctuality is essential to the railway service. However, the train hasbeen delayed from time to time, which has brought me much trouble and inconvenience.Even worse are the bad manners of your stewards and stewardesses. Their service has notbenefited from the saying, The customer is king.
I believe you will take this matter into serious consideration and give a satisfactoryreply as son as possible. At the same time, I sincerely hope that you will review yourmanagement system. I would be glad to see improvements in your railway service.
Yours truly,Li Ming

The ancient culture of China is one of the great treasures of human civilization. In thephoto above, a foreign lady is pleasantly appreciating a traditional Chinese vase in a museum.Obviously, she has been attracted by its elegant charm.
In my opinion, traditional Chinese culture is not only certain to survive, but is, in fact,destined to thrive and prosper. One factor that has already begun to contribute to the preservation of Chinese traditional culture is its commercialization. Another reason that the future of China’ s ancient culture can be considered safe is the active efforts to protect it on the part of the Chinese government. Finally, the culture of China is supported by widespread and growing international interest in China and its traditions.


For China, as for any other rapidly developing country, there is a danger that ageold customs and traditions may become lost in the shadow of modernization. If tai chi, kungfu or Peking opera ever perished from the earth, it would be a tragedy of immeasurableproportions. Fortunately, as a result of successful commercialization efforts, unwaveringgovernment support and growing interest overseas, the future of Chinas traditional culture seems brighter and more secure than ever before.


In recent years, people are developing an inseparable relationship with the Internet.As is vividly depicted in the picture, it is convenient for us to click the mouse when surfingonline. either to entertain ourselves or to meet the needs of work. Actually, surfing the Internethas become a daily routine in our life. However, it seems rather ironic that a chain is usedinstead ofa cord to connect with the mouse in this picture. The exaggerative and impressiveportrayal subtly reveals the duality of the relationship between man and the Internet.
Discussions on this duality have become very popular in newspapers or in people’schats. On the one hand, no one denies that the Internet is currently one of the mostuseful media in our daily life. People from all walks of life are benefitting considerablyfrom its powerful function of information communication. As a college student, I geton-line every day to read the news, to study English by registering for web courses, toexchange information with my net friends through e-mails and to download my favoritemusie, flash, films and pictures. Being a veteran online shopper, I frequently purchasebooks and CDs at much lower prices. But on the other hand, a good many people admitthat they are too addicted to the Internet to maintain a regular and wholesome lifestyle.Cyber-living resembles the experience of looking constantly into a kaleidoscope whichdisplays both colored patterns and illusions. Once indulging in the fictitious world, peoplecan barely concentrate on real life. Consequently, many students just chat online or playcomputer games immoderately every day, skipping many important classes. Such a waste oftime inevitably leads to their failure in their exams.
Therefore, it is necessary for us to use the Internet in a reasonable way and restrainfrom overindulgence. After all, the Internet was invented to enrich our life, to connect us, andto improve the efficiency of our work rather than to shackle us with a chain.





As is symbolically illustrated in the cartoon,wearing a white gown and a stethoscope,a doctor is holding a medical record and speaking to his patient in a ward of a hospital.
Apparently,the intended meaning of the drawing is that people are doing less and less exercises now,which is not a piece of good news for their health.

         There are numerous ways of keeping fit.First and foremost,it is most effective to do pnysical exercises.Peonle respectively choose jogging,playing basketball,swimming, skating,climbing or riding as their regular exercises because exercises never tal to make us stronger and more energetic.Moreover,we should put great emphasis on forming good habits.A balanced diet and sufficient sleep are both indispensable to physical fitness.What’s more, mental health should also be taken seriously.Especially in adversity,we need to maintain an optimistic mentality to pull through life’s pain and sorrow,twists and turns. As far as I am concerned,I have a peculiar interest
in yoga exercise.An hour’s exercise everyday usually makes me feel healthier and more vigorous.Besides,I never touch any cigarette or wine,neither do I stay up late.Instead,I
keep balanced diet and go to bed before 11 o’clock at night, because I believe burning the midnight oil is harmful to health.More importantly,an optimistic attitude toward life makes me confident and persistent.To sum up,all these practices guarantee a healthy body and a happy life.







Dear Wang Lei,
Thank you very much for those five wonderful days in your house! Every moment was a delight.I can’t remember ever having enjoyed myself so thoroughly elsewhere.
This is to tell you again how much I enjoyed the weekend in Hangzhou.Everything was just perfect:the weather,your company,the beautiful surroundings-no wonder I’m finding it difficult to get down to reading this morning!The classroom life seems so dull and prosaic compared to days in Hangzhou.
I hope you know how much I appreciate your hospitality,and your thoughtful kindness to me.I count myself fortunate indeed to have such a generous and charming friend like you.I hope something will bring you to Beijing soon so that I can reciprocate your great kindness.
Li Ming

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